TROVA HOME has sensors for everything.

Motion? Yep we got that.

Battery needs a charge?
Our app will notify you. 

Want to ensure your TROVA’s contents stay fresh? Our humidity sensor will keep you informed. 

Not sure if you left it open? 
Check the app for status.

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"I am such a lover of your product that I just bought the bigger one... My favorite identifying factor of it is that everyone just thinks that it is an external battery and I don’t have to worry about my contents ever. Because with my family, there is no privacy."

— Madeline M

Do you have a safe? Why not?

The answer is simple. Traditional safes are big, clunky to use and dumb. Enter TROVA. A safe with biometrics, smart tech, and a chic design worthy of adjacency to that Assouline book collection.

HOME is our largest device packed with features and the ultimate lifestyle essential.

GO is our portable safe giving you privacy and security anywhere from Coachella to St Barts.

GO PLUS offers almost 60% more interior capacity.

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