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Discover the luxury of privacy with TROVA


TROVA GO is a personal biometric smart safe that puts mobile privacy and security into the palm of your hand. Our stylish aluminum alloy storage device, equipped with smart technology, keeps your items safely locked away, no matter where you go.

TROVA GO is our most adaptable, on-the-go device. Perfect for pockets, handbags or athletic gear, this small but essential accessory stores a few key items that require discretion and privacy (or just protection) This is worry-free mobility.

•Sidecar pill box included
•Magnetic lid strap secures items
•Smart notifications (last known location)
•Lightweight Aluminum Alloy
•Bluetooth connected
•Molded silicone overlay to softly cradle items
•Tightly sealed to help conceal odor
•Portable size
•Tamper proof

•Exterior Dimensions 6.1” (155mm) X 3" (76.3mm) X 1.2” (25mm)
•Interior dimension Bottom Tray 5.2" (132mm) X 2.2" (55mm) Top Lid 5.875" (149mm) X 2.5" (62.5mm) X Total interior height .75" (19mm)

TROVA GO connects to your phone and our app via Bluetooth allowing our “find my” feature to tap your phone’s last known location via GPS while “in app” notifications connected to length of time left open prevent TROVA – and it’s contents – from getting into inappropriate hands.

App Features

Secure unlock leverages your phones native biometric security to verify user 
• “App Bypass” mode, for fastest access turns power button into press to open
• Last Known location uses your phone’s GPS to mark lost connection point
• Left open notification
• Disconnection notification
• Dedicated apps
for Android and iOS

Biometrically Secure

Wirelessly connected via Bluetooth technology / WiFi and accessible through your phones native biometric scanning, our app allows only paired users to unlock TROVA.

Award Winning Design

We created TROVA to seamlessly integrate privacy and security into your everyday life no matter where you GO.

Smart and Tamper Proof

TROVA GO is equipped with smart technology our in app notifications alert you to TROVA’s last known location, “left open” status and battery life.