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Discover the luxury of privacy with TROVA


TROVA HOME, the biometric smart safe beautiful enough to be left in plain sight and secure enough to store your valuables and any items requiring protection (or just a little extra discretion). Seamlessly integrate privacy, security, and convenience wherever you need it in your home.

TROVA HOME combines award winning design and smart features in lightweight aluminum alloy, to create a tamper proof smart safe with real time notifications straight to your phone.

• Aesthetically designed to blend into any interior, our largest biometric safe can only be accessed by authorized users via the TROVA app.

• Access via our app means no keys to lose
• Wirelessly connected via WiFi and Bluetooth
• Battery powered, so place anywhere
• Fast "tap to open" with NFC, like a hotel key
• Internal bolts will secure TROVA to any surface
• 2 internal USB-C ports keep all your devices charged at 100%
• Rubber o-ring tightly seals to help conceal odors
• Humidity sensor keeps items inside perfectly preserved
• Aluminum Alloy exterior is durable & lightweight

•Exterior dimensions 14.5” (368mm) X 7.75” (190mm) X 4.25” (108mm)
•Interior dimensions 13.5" (345mm) X 6.2" (158mm) X 3" (76.2mm)

• Constant communication keeps TROVA HOME secure with up-to-minute status updates. (And our proprietary app of course).

• Sensors, lots of sensors! Your TROVA HOME has sensors for everything. Motion? Yep we got that. Battery needs a charge? Our app will notify you. Timed locking? Set an in-app timer to unlock. Humidity concerns? Humidity sensors update in the app. Who's in your TROVA? Turn on the notifications to see authorized user access. Not sure if you left it open? Check the app for status.

App Features

• Secure unlock leverages your phones native biometric security to verify user 
 Quick access via NFC – "tap phone to open" like hotel key
• “App Bypass” mode, for fastest access turns power button into press to open sequence 
• Shared Access allows up to 5 authorized users for each HOME
• Timed Open
allows you to set a timer to unlock
• Remote unlock
• Dedicated apps
for Android and iOS 
• Real time notifications anywhere you are:
—Lid left open alert
—Any access by an authorized user
—Tamper proof alerts if TROVA is moved
—Security lock if TROVA moves and loses Wifi
• Humidity and temperature sensor
• Low Battery alert




Biometrically Secure

Wirelessly connected via Bluetooth technology /WiFi and accessible through your phones native biometric scanning, our app allows only paired users to unlock TROVA.

Smart and Tamper Proof

TROVA HOME is smart and tamper proof; two ultra secure locks, a motion sensor, and Wifi connection with real time notifications so no one can access it without your knowledge. Ps did we mention it bolts to any surface?

Award Winning Design

We created TROVA to seamlessly integrate privacy and security into your everyday life and wherever you are in your home.