Secure what's valuable, empower your peace of mind

Experience seamless, smart security with our biometric designer safes. Crafted to complement your dynamic, on-the-go lifestyle.

Securely Locked
Biometric Verification
Smart Notifications
Award-Winning Design

Customer Reviews

Absolute Life saver!

This has been my go to storage for some of my medical needs. I travel a fair amount domestically and I can put this in my carry on without any hassle.

You need this for when you travel

I no longer lose anything on my travels. This safe not only secures my important things like passports an keys but it looks beautiful! We love it.

Great product. Our kids have no idea.

It keeps my emergency cash and medicine safe while I'm away from home. I have it sitting on top of our dresser and my kids have no idea it is a safe! I can also track it from my phone.

Who doesn't have something to hide?

Who doesn't have something they don't want anyone to see? TROVA makes it easy to open while maintaining reliable and strong security.

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Frequently asked questions

What sets TROVA apart from other safes?

TROVA redefines traditional safes. With elegant design, biometric verification, and smart connectivity, TROVA offers secure storage at your fingertips. It combines style, functionality, and intelligence, surpassing the limitations of old-fashioned safes. Experience convenience and connectivity that sets TROVA apart from the rest.

What if I am not satisfied with my TROVA?

TROVA ensures customer satisfaction through beautiful design, premium materials, and smart security features. With a 30-day guarantee, join over 3,000 happy customers who experience peace of mind at home and on-the-go with TROVA.

Can I Access My TROVA HOME Remotely?

Absolutely! TROVA safe offers remote access through Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. With the TROVA mobile app, you can conveniently control and monitor your safe from anywhere, giving you peace of mind and effortless access to your valuables.

How secure is the biometric verification feature?

The biometric verification feature of TROVA ensures a high level of security. It utilizes advanced fingerprint recognition technology, providing accurate and reliable access control. Your unique fingerprint acts as the key, ensuring that only authorized individuals can unlock your TROVA safe, adding an extra layer of protection to your valuables.