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Experience seamless, smart security with our biometric designer safes. Portable, pocket sized and expertly crafted to complement your dynamic, on-the-go lifestyle.

Go-Anywhere Security Detail

Whether heading to the neighborhood gym or an exotic island location bring your security detail everywhere you go with TROVA GO / GO PLUS


TROVA GO PLUS, featuring almost 60% more interior capacity...


TROVA GO is a personal biometric smart safe...


Give the gift of privacy and security with...


Customer reviews

Who doesn't have something to hide?

Who doesn't have something they don't want anyone to see? TROVA makes it easy to open while maintaining reliable and strong security.

Absolute Life saver!

This has been my go to storage for some of my medical needs. I travel a fair amount domestically and I can put this in my carry on without any hassle.

You need this for when you travel

I no longer lose anything on my travels. This safe not only secures my important things like passports an keys but it looks beautiful! We love it.

Great product. Our kids have no idea.

It keeps my emergency cash and medicine safe while I'm away from home. I have it sitting on top of our dresser and my kids have no idea it is a safe! I can also track it from my phone.

Award-Winning Design

Born in Colorado : Designed in NY : Made in China

30 Day Guarantee

Returns Accepted within 30 days undamaged in original packaging


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Frequently asked questions

Can I use TROVA when I travel?

Yes, TROVA is designed for both home and on-the-go use. It is portable and convenient, providing a secure way to carry your jewelry with you wherever you go.

What happens if my TROVA is lost or stolen?

TROVA is equipped with smart notifications that alert you if your safe is out of range. If your TROVA is lost or stolen, you can use the TROVA app to track its last known location

Can TROVA safes accommodate cash as well as credit cards?

Yes, TROVA is designed to keep items secure and organized with our magnetic clasp and roomy interior.

How can I stay connected to my TROVA?

TROVA's app keeps you informed of battery life, pings your last known location and alerts you when its been left open.

Where can I take my TROVA?

TROVA GO and GO PLUS are made to be mobile. The sleek design fits into pockets, gym bags or purses and its discreet design resembles a basic battery pack. And yes it will go through TSA.