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It’s almost July! Which means many things are coming down the pike, (swimming, sunshine, watermelon, too much ice cream) but what summer almost always includes is more roaming.


Some are lucky enough to make the haj to faraway beaches and ancient cities, while others will embark on a road trip for more nearby adventures. But whatever you’re doing, it got us considering a paradox over here at TROVA.


We found ourselves investigating the idea of how to both leave our worlds behind - the familiar, the habitual, the engrained - while also wiring new pathways. How to bring what keeps you healthy and sane, while also being willing to ditch “routines” to forge new tracks on the mental trail.


Is there a happy medium, since packing has to be selective and has its limitations?


While Amy insists on her weighted blanket and Scott won’t leave home without his TROVA GO, we decided to weigh in on a more universal list of recommendations.


There were many questions lobbed into our meeting but most circled around:


Which items make my life better, no matter where I am?


How do I ensure peace of mind, and protect myself and my belongings, while in the wild?


How can I travel light while identifying the often small, yet essential, BYO’s?

All questions ultimately lead back to this one, though: How can I feel comfortable… but adventurous?


We travel to reset from busy, over-scheduled lives. We travel to expand what and how we think about our circumstances. We travel to explore, learn and often try on a different life… for a while.


But we agreed that we also travel best with certain aspects of our predictable day-to-day rituals intact, and with strategies for feeling safe.


     Travel: When to Bring Your World

1. Bring the thing that keeps you accountable to your existing, strongest habits. That may mean sneakers for running/walking, a bathing suit for cold plunging in the ocean, or your red light face mask. Habits are harder to restart than they are to maintain. Keep ‘em going.

2. Comfortable loungewear is what you’re going to wear when you’re not out in public. Soft pants, perfectly worn t-shirts from “that time in Maine,” and socks (even in summer if you tend to get cold) are a strong yes. You’ll never regret feeling at home in your downtime.

3. When it comes to safekeeping - from jewelry to cash - consider TROVA GO. Safe, secure, and perfect for travel, this mini biometric safe delivers reassurance and peace of mind.

4. Scents for rooms. Often a hotel or friend’s house will have a certain scent - usually something nice enough. But there’s something grounding about a tiny candle, incense stick or essential oil that wafts just the scent you love. Familiarity helps us sleep better and wake up with less of a sense of “wait, where am I?” in the first three seconds.

5. Bring an outfit that calls for a dinner party under the stars, champagne on a boat or live music around a bonfire. Channel the future by dressing for it!


If number 3 on this list caught your eye, we know just where to find it. Ideal for Independence Day or as an add-on to your luggage portfolio, browse our TROVA GO and….let’s go!

Happy travels,

Scott + The Team at TROVA



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