Protect Business Items with a Smart Tech Safe

Discover the smart protection TROVA HOME provides for your documents, thumb drives, crypto ledgers, or sensitive business items by giving you real time notifications for constant surveillance and security. Need to take those items with you? TROVA GO PLUS is the on-the-go solution, keeping what's sensitive accessible only by you.

Security and Reliability

TROVA offers an effortless way to protect items in any office safely and reliably. It's strong aluminum alloy shell is lightweight yet durable and can be bolted to any surface. Long battery life and Wifi connectivity empower your peace of mind when out of the office with real-time notifications.


TROVA HOME, the biometric smart safe beautiful enough...


TROVA GO PLUS, featuring almost 60% more interior capacity...


TROVA GO PLUS, featuring almost 60% more interior capacity...


Give the gift of privacy and security with...


Customer reviews

Who doesn't have something to hide?

Who doesn't have something they don't want anyone to see? TROVA makes it easy to open while maintaining reliable and strong security.

Absolute Life saver!

This has been my go to storage for some of my medical needs. I travel a fair amount domestically and I can put this in my carry on without any hassle.

You need this for when you travel

I no longer lose anything on my travels. This safe not only secures my important things like passports an keys but it looks beautiful! We love it.

Great product. Our kids have no idea.

It keeps my emergency cash and medicine safe while I'm away from home. I have it sitting on top of our dresser and my kids have no idea it is a safe! I can also track it from my phone.

Award-Winning Design

Born in Colorado : Designed in NY : Made in China

30 Day Guarantee

Returns Accepted within 30 days undamaged in original packaging

Support is here

Secure Payment

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Frequently asked questions

How long TROVA does TROVA's battery last?

TROVAs batteries are made to hold on average a 3 week charge. In app notifications alert you when it needs a charge.

How does the humidity control feature help preserve my important docs or drives?

TROVA's advanced humidity control feature monitors and relays information to your phone. This helps prevent degradation ensuring your valuable documents or drives stay secure.

Can I use TROVA when I travel?

Yes, TROVA is designed for both home and on-the-go use. It is portable and convenient, providing a secure way to carry your business items with you wherever you go.

What happens if my TROVA is lost or stolen?

TROVA is equipped with smart notifications that alert you if your safe is out of range. If your TROVA is lost or stolen, you can use the TROVA app to track its last known location

How do I set up TROVA for storing jewelry?

Setting up TROVA is easy. Simply download the TROVA app, pair your safe with your device via Bluetooth, and follow the instructions in the app to configure your biometric verification and other settings. Once set up, you can start storing your jewelry safely and securely.

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