"TROVA HOME is much like the safe you'll find behind the sliding closet door in a hotel room, only smarter, sleeker, and endlessly nicer to look at."

Found in every TROVA

Securely Locked
Using wireless connectivity and real time app alerts

Biometric Verification
Grants “only you” access to your TROVA safe

Smart Notifications
Real time safe alerts for secure storage

Award-winning Design
Premium materials + problem solving design = recognition by design awards

30-day Money Back Guarantee
Not sure? Try a TROVA for 30 days

"My friend gave me one and I use my TROVA GO PLUS every day. I take it to work for my Rx, to my kids soccer games with cash and out for ladies night with party supplies. It carries just enough and weighs almost nothing."

— SM

There's a TROVA for everyone

At TROVA we answer the call for many use cases and serve a variety of needs:

-Responsible parents who need to secure items away from children.

-Savvy travelers who need safe spaces for cash or docs anywhere they go.

-Pleasure seekers who know that privacy is key to enjoyment and everything isn’t for everyone.

Lets us help you find a TROVA that is right for you.